2009 m. lapkričio 13 d., penktadienis

Dienos citata: Krugmanas - geriausias ekonomistas ir geriausias demagogas

"It’s always impressive to see one person excel in two widely disparate activities: a first-rate mathematician who’s also a world class mountaineer, or a titan of industry who conducts symphony orchestras on the side. But sometimes I think Paul Krugman is out to top them all, by excelling in two activities that are not just disparate but diametrically opposed: economics (for which he was awarded a well-deserved Nobel Prize) and obliviousness to the lessons of economics (for which he’s been awarded a column at the New York Times)."

Steven E. Landsburg

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  1. Landsburgo blogas rulez. Seniai taip nesijuokiau kaip po straipsnio apie šaldytus arklius.